Short Film : MOLEQUE


Fiction. São Paulo, Brazil – December 2010.

Short film directed by Rémi Pinaud. Written and produced by Rémi Pinaud & Jose Trassi. Image and editing by Rémi Pinaud. Starring : Jose Trassi. Trailer Music : Song For James Bidgood by Matmos. Distribution : La Luna Productions – Running time : 14 minutes 35 secondes.


A quasi-ordinary day of a young man living in the streets of São Paulo, Brazil.

FESTIVAL Selections :

Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival, 2011 // Art Deco Festiva, São Paulo, 2011 // AOF, 2011 (USA) // interPLAY film festival, 2011, Canada //  Premiers courts 2012, France // Cinéma en Liberté 2014, France.

TV Broadcasting : 

SVT (Sweden, 2012)

More :

The search of the Lost by Christopher Storck :


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