« O CAFOFO ». Fiction. São Paulo, Brazil – 2014.  (Pre-Production and Funding research)

SynopsisA journey through a family’s life, living in the streets of São Paulo, facing the consequences of the FIFA Soccer World Cup’s Organization.

• « DOLLY ». Fiction, 10 minutes – Koh Phangan, Thailand – 2013. Produced by La Luna Productions – Cast : Dolly Mirpuri.

Festival Selections : Imagem-Movimento 2014 (Brazil), Clap 89 2015 (France), Bangkok Filmmakers 2 Minutes Film Festival 2015 (Thailand), Festival Cinemística 2016 (Spain).

Synopsis : The wander of a young Thai girl, through the jungle, in a mysterious quest…

• « TU VAS MOURIR (C’EST PAS GRAVE) », Documentary, 27 minutes – Paris, France – 2011. Co-directed by Sébastien Baverel. Produced by La Luna Productions – Cast : Anaïs Dautais Warmel.

Festival Selections : Visions du Réel 2013 (Switzerland), Kaunas IFF 2013 (Lithuania), Le Réel en Vue 2013 (France), Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio di Resana 2013, (Italia), Doc en courts 2014 (France), La Première Fois 2014 (France), Antitube 2014 (Canada), Mediawave 2015 (Hungary).

SynopsisParisian squatters must vacate the building they have been occupying. It is the final moments before their departure. Occasional musical performances take place, some radical remarks are pronounced, and a telephone call fails to find a solution. Possible lives take shape. At the centre of this tale: a charming woman and a rather dark future… 

• « MOLEQUE », Fiction, 12 minutes – São Paulo, Brazil – 2010. Published by La Luna Productions – Cast : Jose Trassi.

Festival Selection : Short Film Corner 2011 (France), interPLAY film festival 2011 (Canada), AOF, 2011 (USA), Premiers Courts 2012 (France), Cinéma en Liberté 2014 (France).

SynopsisA quasi-ordinary day of a young man living in the streets of São Paulo, Brazil.

• « PAN PAN », Fiction, 31 minutes – Paris, France – 2010. Co-directed by Benoit Méry. Cast : Pauline Croce, Romain Loustau.

Pan Pan is a film performance, a complete immersion within a music festival, in which reality and fiction mix. Filmed in June 2010 with real life situations , a music and film festival “Filmer la Musique” (Shoot the Music), Pan Pan fits within the mumblecore/guerilla movement: low budget, amateur actors, improvisations, natural lights, real set and extras.

SynopsisRomain is in charge of a music festival. He has to make sure everything goes right, but problems are everywhere… and he doesn’t really seem to care so much.Wandering through the festival, between the backstage and the live show, he meets Pauline, a young freak who seems a little lost and trying to find a way to sneak into the festival. Here, begins a party. One infused with sex and alcohol. With no thought of tomorrow. Another night in Paris.


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